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  • The Blueprint that when you learn your Unique Wealth Codes, will have you attracting more money through your business as soon as today!

  • Using this One Little Known Secret will have you working with the Law of Attraction on purpose (no useless affirmations or mantras)

  • Expose Subconscious Sabotage Themes that keep your income stalled and start attracting ready to pay buyers with your next move.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Danielle Eyman again?

A retired Registered Nurse turned Human Design and Gene Key expert, Danielle has something called the Money Line and discovered key codes in the Human Design chart. She found when these codes were used with her clients, every single one saw higher paydays and extreme confidence in their business. Danielle has partnered with a custom chart design program in order to bring this information to a wider audience. She believes everyone needs to have access to these codes in a simple and practical way to discover the millionaire within. 

What's Included?

An outline of your unique personalized energy type, magnetic personality traits, and specific reasons why your business isn't clearing consistent sales every month.

What is a Wealth Code Blueprint?

Key aspects of your Human Design chart that outline your unique marketing message, align you to your Soul's purpose, and allow you to confidently show up knowing what your ideal clients will pay you over and over for.

How can this be personalized to me?

Using your birth information (kinda like an astrology print out) we take your codes and outline exactly what energetics make you magnetic to the money making opportunities you are missing right now. Nothing extra- no overwhelm, just straight to the point we detail out what you need to know so your business can run smoothly taking you out of hustle, FOMO, self doubt and sabotage.

Who came up with this stuff?

After 7 years of working with Universal Law and key energetics inside the Human Design chart Danielle customized the chart to hold activations for higher pay days with less effort. She found the most magnetic way to attract money held a basic foundation that applies to every entrepreneur and she included these truths inside each chart.

Where will I get my Human Design Wealth Code Blueprint?

As soon as you're in, you will receive an email where you can download an entire PDF Blueprint and access to a video breakdown of the 3 key energetics that apply to your business today.

Is there a cost to this?

Its $9, less than a cup of coffee and way more satisfying. Once you grab this Blueprint you’ll wonder where it has been all your life!

How do I get started?

Click the purple button below!

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